Category: Green
Tea Company: The Simple Leaf (website)
Ingredients: Black Tea
Vendor Suggested Preparation: 1 tsp. / 6oz cup 190 – 208 deg boiling water 5 minute infusion

The Simple Leaf Dawn

These are some of the most beautiful leaves I’ve ever seen with a black tea. Usually black teas are all short pieces, small and fairly boring looking. This tea has long, twisty leaves with the occasional silver highlight. And the aroma.. oh it will take your breath away. Sweet, malty, and exotic with hints of dark chocolate.

These elements come across in the flavor as well. For an unflavored tea, its got a lot going on. And, it has a lot going on while being one of the lightest black teas I’ve ever had. There’s hints of malt, the chocolate, and some other dark flavors that all blend together and in the melding end up quite light, almost refreshing.

This is a must-try tea – even for those who are unmoved by black teas. This may be your gateway drug tea. (Come to the dark side – we have cream and sugar!)

You can purchase the Dawn directly from the The Simple Leaf website.

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