Category: Black
Tea Company: The Simple Leaf (website)
Ingredients: Black Tea
Vendor Suggested Preparation: 1 tsp. / 6oz cup 190 – 208 deg boiling water 5 minute infusion

The Simple Leaf Dawn

I’ve heard such rave reviews of this tea that when I had the opportunity to try it for myself, I jumped on it. Opening the bag you are hit with the smell of rich, dark baking cocoa. The dry leaves are extremely beautiful, long, twisted, and dark in color. This is an unflavored black tea, so why does it smell like cocoa?

I brewed the tea for 5 minutes using boiling water. The aroma while steeping is the same as the dry leaf only intensified. It brews up a rich, golden brown color which is actually a lighter shade than I expected from the look of the dry leaf. The tea has a strong chocolate scent along with a nice earthy component.

I took the first cup plain and hot. The taste is very rich and slightly earthy like you would expect with oolongs. The aftertaste is of baking chocolate and gives the tea a naturally sweet quality. This tea can also stand up to the addition of milk as a breakfast tea which seems to intensify the chocolate quality by giving it a creamier feeling.

This tea is very complex with each sip continually morphing through a variety of flavors. From sweet to earthy to rich black tea to sweet, dark chocolate. I prefer this tea to be steeped for 4 minutes rather than the suggested 5 because it seems to bring out more of the chocolate quality while keeping the earthiness as a backup. Dawn is extremely smooth and lacks the astringency that can so often be found in black teas.

Dawn is the most complex tea that I’ve had and the complexity seems to make you crave the tea even more. If you enjoy black teas, this one is a must try.

You can purchase the Dawn directly from the The Simple Leaf website.

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