Category: Green
Tea Company: TeaFrog (website)
Ingredients: Green Tea
Vendor Suggested Preparation: 1 tsp, 80 C, 2-3 minutes

TeaFrog - Dragon Well Lung Ching

Dragon Well is one of the first green teas I tasted and one of the flavors that won me over from my coffee addiction. It’s been difficult for me to find a Dragon Well that I truly enjoy because I find the flavor of green tea to be a bit overwhelming for me but this is a fine grade.

The green flavor comes through at just the right level, not grassy or bitter, just really balanced, nutty and fresh. It is forgiving (over steeped it once and it was still sweet) and the quality stayed true through all three brews on my next attempt with it. This is a very aromatic green that is truly easy to enjoy.

You can purchase the Dragon Well Lung Ching directly from the TeaFrog website.

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