Category: Rooibos
Tea Company: The Necessiteas (website)
Ingredients: Green rooibos, lemongrass, lemon peel, vanilla chips, natural flavors
Vendor Suggested Preparation: Use 1 tsp per 8 oz boiling water, steep 5 min

The Necessiteas Lemon Chiffon

This tea helped me come to a decision on something. I don’t consider myself a tea purist at all. I happy drink tisanes and call them tea to my friends. I will throw sugar, splenda, or sweet and low into a cup and not think twice about it. I don’t use the purest of pure spring waters, or wash my teapots by hand, or insist that my oolong only is worth drinking when I drink it from a gaiwan or a special seasoned yixing pot. I try to drink good quality teas, and to treat them well to get good flavor, but I don’t fuss to much about it.

But this one has taken me a little too far.

I don’t like chips of stuff in my tea.

This tea smells amazing, as all of the Necessiteas’ blends do. It’s a whiff of lemony heaven. But when I first saw the blend, I thought there were chunks of carrot in there. Nope- they turned out to be vanilla chips. Vanilla chips? Like would go in cookies. Meh? That feels just wrong. But, for the sake of tea reviewing, I brewed up a cup.

The chips only partially melted, and left an oily residue on the surface of the cup. The brew still smelled amazingly lemon – one of the major ingredients is lemon grass. The flavor is nice, but there’s an oily mouthfeel that ruins it for me. The flavor is strongly lemongrass. The advertised vanilla notes don’t come through for me.

So for me, this tea would be a pass. I don’t want to drink it because of the way the chips affect the brew. And the flavor behind the oily mess isn’t enough to make me want to work around it. The lemongrass is nice, but not enough to make me want more of it. I’ll stick with their other flavors. And when I want lemon, I’ll go with Shanti Tea’s Lemonade.

You can purchase the Lemon Chiffon directly from the The Necessiteas website.

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