Category: Green
Tea Company: The Jasmine Pearl (website)
Ingredients: Green Tea
Vendor Suggested Preparation: Scoop a heaping teaspoon of tea leaves into your infuser. Heat water to 200° – 212° F (boiling). Pour 8 oz. of water over tea leaves. Steep tea for 5 minutes (depending on taste preference). Remove infuser and enjoy tea.

The Jasmine Pearl High-Elevation Formosa Green

I recently received an e-mail from The Jasmine Pearl’s co-owner Chuck – o’ the of the Chuck-’n-Heather combination – to try some new wares from Taiwan. One was an aged oolong, another was a GABA green tea, and a couple of other offerings he left a mystery. However, the one that he seemed most eager to present was an organic green tea he received from his Taiwanese supplier. Said trader mentioned that it was “what green tea should taste like.”

Alas, when I and a tea compatriot did make it down, the last of the Formosa Green had vanished into the palate-y aether. He said that the actual bulk delivery would be arriving in the next few days, though, and that he’d let us know. True to his word, three days later, an e-mail showed up saying it came in. I tried it, liked it, bought an ounce…but I was unconvinced that it was the end-all/say-all for green teas. It was the second Taiwanese green I’d tasted, but it wasn’t the best. Perhaps I needed to subject it to my approach.

First off, I will say that the leaves were gorgeous – dark, bold green, long, twisty, and packed with aroma. I sniffed butter, lemons, grass, and…some kind of nut. Overall, it reminded me of a more pleasant-seeming Mao Feng. Far different than what I was expecting from a Taiwanese green. The last one I had smelled like Fruit Roll-Ups.

I completely forgot to ask what the best brewing approach was for this. Not that I was too worried about it; green teas were somewhat easy to figure out. I went with 1 tbsn. in 8oz. of 175F water and a steep time of three minutes.

What result was a relatively clear brew with a green tinge and a gentle, almost lemongrassy aroma. The flavor echoed the lemongrass comparison but with a twist. It was more like lemon verbena dipped in honey – citrusy, sweet, creamy, grassy, and oddly herbal on finish. If this is what green tea is supposed to taste like…I can deal with that.

You can purchase the High-Elevation Formosa Green directly from the The Jasmine Pearl website.

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