Category: Oolong
Tea Company: Boston Tea Company (website)
Ingredients: Chinese Sechung Oolong Tea, Almonds, Calendula Petals, Natural Vanilla and Almond Flavors
Vendor Suggested Preparation: 1 teaspoon per cup, water just before boiling, 2-5 minutes

Boston Tea Company Vanilla Almond Oolong

If one doesn’t have the proper word to describe something, inventing one is always an option. Therefore and herewith, I christen this tea nuggety.

Dry, the rolled oolong leaves are nearly as big as granola bits; the almond slivers fully as big as your fingernail. The scent is all almond–the vanilla is just along for the ride. Nice apricot-colored calendula leaves add a little contrast, both visually and flavorfully.

A three-minute window of opportunity seemed a little generous (prep instructions suggested anywhere from 2-5 minutes), so I tried to hit the steep time right in the center. Doing so resulted in a beautifully pale cup that was sweet and subtly nutty. The variety of oolong chosen for this blend is so close and complementary to the almond flavor, it’s hard to separate them as you sip.

The tea label suggests that milk, lemon, or sweetening is appropriate. A splash of milk didn’t completely overwhelm the tea’s delicacy, but Vanilla Almond Oolong is best enjoyed on its own.

You can purchase the Vanilla Almond Oolong directly from the Boston Tea Company website.

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