Category: Green
Tea Company: Tea Forte (website)
Ingredients: organic green tea
Vendor Suggested Preparation: Steep for 2-4 minutes, 175 degF

Tea Forte Sencha

There are two types of tea lovers. Type T’s are thorough and scientific. They have scales, multiple varieties of steeping paraphenalia, accurate thermometers, and know how to use use them all. Their measurements, as well as their tasting notes, are rational, objective, consistent, and precise. Green tea was made for Type T’s. There is an infinite spectrum of flavor out there for those who are willing to coddle and fuss with their tea.

Then there’s the rest of us–type L’s. We’re loose and a little lazy and perpetually too distracted to measure leaves carefully, to time teas precisely, or to rate them objectively. Type L reviews often include rambly, stream-of-consciousness comparisons to memories, pieces of music, or articles of clothing rather than clearly defined flavors. Our measurement technique: “Eh, that’s about right.” Our timing habits: “Oops! When did I put that on?” Green tea isn’t usually Type L friendly–there’s just too much that can go wrong in the preparation.

Finally…a green tea that even a Type L can’t ruin! Tea Forte’ has made it easy with their lovely pyramid bags (takes measurement inconsistencies out of the equation). Leaves are medium sized and a nice dark green. The care I took during steeping amounted to running water through the Hot Shot and giving it about a minute to cool and (not my usual groove) setting a kitchen timer for 3 minutes and actually making it to the kitchen when it beeped instead of finding myself elbow-deep in another chore.

The reward for my efforts was a nice, pale gold cup that was pleasantly light. The Tea Forte’ website uses “vegetal notes” and “lightly nutty” as this Sencha’s key descriptors, but I’m getting some sunny citrus vibes, like lemon and lime zest. The second steep, prepared with no more care than the first, was nearly as bright and fruity as the first.

Someday, when I have time, I will measure and compare and chart my tea findings and discover all the sensory subtleties of rare and excellent green tea. But until then, I am grateful that Tea Forte’ has made a green tea for a harried and distractible type L…light and luscious!

You can purchase the Sencha directly from the Tea Forte website.

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