Category: Herbal
Tea Company: The Coffee Trade Company (website)
Ingredients: Roasted rice, roasted peas, and roasted chicory
Vendor Suggested Preparation: not listed online

The Coffee Trade Company Ersatz

This review is on one of the coffee substitutes on the market – Ersatz Coffee. First of all, what does Ersatz mean? I can only guess that the makers of this were going by the German translation of the word which is “substitute” or “replacement” because in other languages such as Russian and English the meaning is less favourable. In Russian it means “artificial” and in English the term often implies that the substitution is of unsatisfactory or inferior quality (not as good as the real thing). It does not have this connotation in German. (Source: Wikipedia).

Steeping instructions are to steep bag in 8 ounce cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes. Ersatz Coffee is made of roasted rice, roasted peas, and roasted chicory. When I poured in the hot water, I could definitely smell the roasted rice, however after steeping it for 5 minutes and removing the bag the nose on the Ersatz was not very appetizing. It smelled of burnt rice. I took a sip and yes, definitely burnt. I could understand the coffee aspect of it; it has that boldness of coffee but is very flavourful, and myself being in the process of cutting out coffee completely, this would be good for me.

I cut open the bag and could see that some of the contents inside had turned black. It would have been nice to try this not burnt because I like nutty and roasted flavours but the burnt taste was too overwhelming. I may give it another try another day.

You can purchase the Ersatz directly from the The Coffee Trade Company website.

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