Category: Black
Tea Company: TeaFrog (website)
Ingredients: Black Tea
Vendor Suggested Preparation: Use 1 heaping tsp per 8oz water, steep 3-4 minutes in 100 deg C (212 deg F) water.

TeaFrog Orange Pekoe

So many not-so-great grocery-store brands of tea tout themselves as Orange Pekoe (it’s a tea grade, not a flavor) that some fine tea appreciators associate Orange Pekoe with bland or acidic brown water. Hot leaf juice. Nothing to get excited about.

Therefore, I am pleased to report that TeaFrog has rescued Orange Pekoe’s reputation and elevated it to a really fine morning cuppa. This is flowery broken orange pekoe, which adds the flowering plant to the leaf mix. In the packet, the leaves have no resemblance to the smooshed and crushed dusty stuff you see in a mass-market tea bag–you actually see leaves.

And when said leaves are steeped at the 3-4 minute mark, they result in a nice, hefty cup that feels a little thick on your tongue. It  has a little fruit-and-flowery sweetness. No additives needed.

Priced quite reasonably, this is a good go-to pantry tea. Stock up!

You can purchase the Orange Pekoe directly from the TeaFrog website.

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