Category: Pu-erh
Tea Company: Tao Tea Leaf (website)
Ingredients: Pu-erh Tea
Vendor Suggested Preparation: not listed on website

Tao Tea Leaf Rice Shou Pu-erh

I just love the little mini-cakes that pu-er occasionally comes in.  They’re just cute.  An adorable little pellet of yumminess.

This is a lovely, lovely tea.  The creamy rice flavor blends with the warm masculinity of the pu-er to make a dark blend that is rich with complexity and vigor yet smooth and tasty.   Along with the rice flavor, it has the typical leathery, woody and earthy notes of a pu-er, but blended together smoothly.   Others found citrus flavors, but I’m not tasting those.  And, like many pu-ers, it’s great for multiple re-steeps.  I’m on steep three currently… or is it four… of my current set of leaves.  And the sweet and creamy rice flavor lasts and lasts.  Other literature notes people getting up to 9 steeps.   I would not be surprised to get rice notes to the end.

This is really great pu-er.  I recommend it to anyone.

You can purchase the Rice Shou Pu-erh directly from the Tao Tea Leaf website.

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