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Tea Company: Think Geek (website)
Ingredients: Tea Earl Grey Hot (black tea with bergamot, choice of the best Starfleet captain), Timmy
Vendor Suggested Preparation: not listed

Think Geek Timmy's Tea Sampler

So, I’m a geek.  It took me a long time to accept it, but as I’ve been a medieval re-enactor since before I could drive, cut my teeth playing video games on my TRS-80 and used the campus role playing gaming groups as potential dating pools, it’s pretty clear.  I’m a geek.  In the last few years, I’ve accepted and embraced my geekiness.  Recently, as I was buying a Wampa Rug from ThinkGeek for my new home, I noticed their loose leaf tea sampler collection.  Tea?  On ThinkGeek?  SWEET.  I couldn’t help myself; I bought it.

The collection was created by Adiago, and includes four teas:

- Tea Earl Grey Hot (black tea with bergamot, choice of the best Starfleet captain)

- Timmy’s 1UP Jasmine Green (sweet and intoxicating like the feeling of having multiple lives)

- Zombie Blood Orange (caffeine-free herbal tea blend of blood orange and sour apple)

- Pirate Chai (spiced black tea guaranteed to fight off scurvy)

So, for you today, I have a four-for-one special.  Here are my reviews of the tea collection:

- First, I tried the Timmy’s 1UP Jasmine Green.    I’m a fan of jasmine, so I was quite curious about this tea.  Good looking leaf, but not highly fragrant.  On drinking, it shows itself to be a nice, fairly standard jasmine green.  A little heavy on the green.  The jasmine was not soapy (always a worry with jasmines) but didn’t quite have the sparkle or lively quality of other jasmines.  It was a little flat.  But in general,  a nice standard jasmine.  Quite drinkable.

- Zombie Blood Orange was the next sample on the menu.  For being an herbal, it’s got something in it that looks very like green tea leaves.  It’s also got some hibiscus – to give the blood color.  I’m not a hibiscus fan – it tastes bitter to me.  Definitely has orange peel.    But, it all comes down to the taste right?  It’s very hibiscus.  VERY hibiscus.   I think there’s orange in there somewhere.  I still don’t know what that green tea-leaf looking stuff actually is.  I don’t like this at all.  But as I said, I don’t like hibiscus.  This might be better iced and highly sweetened.  Otherwise, blea.  Not my cuppa at ALL.  Apparently I am NOT a zombie.

- To get the taste of the Zombie Blood Orange out my mouth, I decided to try the Pirate Chai next.  Oh!  This one smells amazing.  Heavy on the clove.  I love cloves, and I love spicy teas.  I’d like to do this in a traditional method, but as I’m sitting at work, I don’t have the necessary equipment.    Once I started drinking however, it seems it’s pretty much just a clove blend.  Maybe they were trying to make this like a Bay Rum style chai?  For me, a truly good chai needs the spicy heat of the cardamom and pepper which this tea is missing.  But, as a clove tea?  It’s a great clove tea!  In fact, my mouth is even getting slightly numb from the clove oil.. so you know it’s clove-y.

- Now, the final tea in the set: Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.  Mm.. takes me back to sitting around in Watson Hall, watching Star Trek: TNG with the Sci-Fi/Doctor Who club on Saturday nights.  (And reminds me of Whoopi Goldberg’s character’s stupid hats for some reason.)  The leaf of this tea smells VERY bergamot-y.  Brewed up, it’s a fairly solid Earl Grey.  Not too bergamot, not too strong.  My guess is that the replicators of Starfleet do a generic blend of the various types of Earl Grey.  ;)

Overall, it’s a nice sampler.  I hope it’s placement on ThinkGeek helps others of the geeky persuasion find a new facet of their geekdom – being a Tea Geek.  Now, if I could only get a d20 teapot, life would be perfect!

You can purchase the Timmy’s Tea Sampler directly from the Think Geek website.

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