Category: Green/White
Tea Company: Distinctly Tea (website)
Ingredients: Flavored fruit melange with apple cubes, hibiscus flowers, rose hip, elderberries, fennel, orange peels, calendula petals, & natural pear cream flavour.
Vendor Suggested Preparation: not listed

I did a double-take as I was typing up the ingredient list for this review: it isn’t a typo or an omission on the part of my new bifocals; I’m not seeing “pear” anything, are you? It doesn’t matter: whatever mix of blending mojo, culinary science, and olfactory alchemy Distinctly Tea has used to create this works and works well!

If you play a “Where’s Waldo?” game with the packet, you can visually account for everything: medium sized tea leaves, wisps of calendula, stripy whole fennel, and the apple and orange bits. Together, they give the dry blend a sweet and creamy scent.

As far as steeping goes, flavored green or white tea can be a little finicky—the time/temp combination one normally uses to coax the fruit flavor out of hiding often makes the tea go bitter. Not so with this tea—keeping exactly to the package instructions results in a gorgeous gold ambrosia that tastes and smells a bit like baby-food fruit or a skillfully diluted syrup from a can of fruit cocktail.

Should you need a light and fruity tea to celebrate first day you can sit in the back yard with bare feet—or a wicked winter day when you need a reminder that spring will come…eventually…Pear Cream Supreme makes an excellent and fruitful choice.

You can purchase the Pear Cream Supreme directly from the Distinctly Tea website.

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