Category: Black
Tea Company: Tao Of Tea (website)
Ingredients: Black Tea
Vendor Suggested Preparation: 1 teaspoon per cup, 82 degrees C, 3-4 minutes

Tao Of Tea Golden Monkey

Golden Monkey tea is, according to the good people at Tao of Tea, is a high-grade mountain grown tea. The “monkey” moniker comes from the fuzz on the long, lush leaves, not from being plucked by a primate. Monkey-picked tea is verifiable, but appears to be a whole ‘nother variety and a whole ‘nother story.

At any rate, the bushy, blond leaves are a treat to see and smell; and even more so to taste. Simply because I expected this to be a great tea and wanted to stretch the lifespan of my sample (note to tea newbies: gold or golden tips are a near-guarantee your tea is going to be excellent!) I was a little light on the leaf in my two-cup pot. Even so, the steeped results were great: color–burnished gold; fragrance–perfectly done toast; flavor similarity–perfectly done wheat toast with a drop of fresh honey. This Golden Monkey has some heft to it; feels good and thick on your tongue and continues to roast and toast you after you swallow.

Benjamin Franklin is credited for saying that “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” I’ll forgive him that notion–after all, thanks to good King George, decent tea wasn’t to be had in the colonies. But I think that Ben might recant his words and turn teetotaler if we could serve him a sip of this simple, heavenly variety.

You can purchase the Golden Monkey directly from the Tao Of Tea website.

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