Category: Black
Tea Company: Golden Moon Tea (website)
Ingredients: Black tea, rose petals
Vendor Suggested Preparation: not listed online

Golden Moon Tea Rose

A rose by any other name…  Oh, the lovely scent of roses.  As a child, many of the important older women in my life all seemed to use a particular brand of rose lotion, giving me a definite sense memory of strong older, rose scented women  who made me feel safe.  And this tea definitely tripped that trigger.  Highly scented, and very rose.  I was enveloped in comfort as I inhaled the steeping brew.

But I also had a slight worry.  I’ve had a few floral teas that taste like drinking perfume.  Would this one taste like rose perfume?  Smelling good is all fine and dandy, but the best memories can’t mitigate a cup of perfume. It would be downgraded to potpourri at that point.  Luckily – my fears were TOTALLY unfounded.  This tea tasted as lovely as it smelled.  Unsweetened, it carried with it flavors of honey and an underlying sweetness.  It also had a slight nuttiness to the brew.

I will definitely be purchasing some of this tea for myself.  It had good memories, good aromas and good flavors.  What could be better!

You can purchase the Rose directly from the Golden Moon Tea website.

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Author: Gretchen

Written by Gretchen

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One Response to “Tea Review: Golden Moon Tea Rose”

  • Nina:

    I’ve read that it is a tradition in Iran to add rose petals to the tea. Thank you for the review – I will definitely try this tea.

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