Category: Black
Tea Company: Grace Tea Company (website)
Ingredients: Black Tea
Vendor Suggested Preparation: Not provided on the website

Grace Tea Company Connoisseur

Grace Tea Company’s product line is not large, but it is clear from their offerings that they prefer to highlight the quality and complexity of the various teas themselves—not multiple flavorings and blend-ins.

In the case of Grace’s Connoisseur Master Blend, I was amazed a simple blend of leaves could produce this flavor without extra help. The dry leaves smell a little sharp and astringent—I’m pretty sure there’s some Keemun in there—but steeped according to Grace’s recommendations, the color is deeper (nearly mahogany) and the flavor is fruitier than you’d expect.

When I did a blind taste before checking out the ingredients, I was sure there were some winey, grape-y additives. (If you’ve ever tasted Culinary Teas’ Canadian Ice Wine, this is its cousin.)  Though I’ve been told Keemuns are OK with milk, I think milk would just tone down the fruity notes that seem to be this tea’s selling point.

If you’re looking for a hearty, stout, kick-you-out-of-bed morning tea, Connoisseur Master Blend probably isn’t it. This one is better for a rainy and philosophical afternoon when you have time and the mental capacity to mull over the character of this interesting combination.

You can purchase the Connoisseur directly from the Grace Tea Company website.

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