Category: Green
Tea Company: Golden Moon Tea (website)
Ingredients: Green Tea and Jasmine Petals
Vendor Suggested Preparation: Infuse 2-4 minutes in just under boiling water.

Golden Moon Tea Jasmine Pearls

Jasmine has been scenting and flavoring tea for almost as long as tea has been grown in China. The aromatic qualities of the jasmine bloom and the aromatic qualities of the tea plant are one of nature’s perfect matches.

As you may be able to guess, I’m very fond of jasmine pearls – it’s my favorite way to have jasmine in tea. And I’ve had jasmine pearls that were amazing, and some that were downright icky. The jasmine pearls from Golden Moon tea were at neither extreme – but much closer to awesome than icky. They’ve got a lovely, balanced aroma, and a good flavor.

The package directions say to brew for 2-4 minutes at water slightly below boiling. My first infusion I tried at approximately 170 degrees for 2 minutes. The aroma of the liquor was fairly light, and the flavor was very delicate. But it was a little too delicate for me. So I tried the next at 185 for 4 minutes. And it was just about where I wanted it, a good balance of the jasmine and green tea, both flavorful and perfumed. I was also able to get a third steep out of the leaves without much loss of flavor.

The problem I have with this tea is that while balanced and nice, it’s lacking a “wow” factor. I wouldn’t tell anyone not to have this tea; it’s a good tea. But I wouldn’t send anyone specifically looking for it.

You can purchase the Jasmine Pearls directly from the Golden Moon Tea website.

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