Category: Black
Tea Company: Drink The Leaf (website)
Ingredients: Black tea, safflower petals, natural flavorings
Vendor Suggested Preparation: 1 tsp per 6oz water/210 degF/3~4 min

Drink The Leaf Blood Orange Black

Blood oranges fascinate me. I know they are becoming more popular (like the surge of pomegranate flavors over the last 3 years), but they still seems exotic, unusual and downright fascinating. It’s the dark red color of the fruit’s flesh combined with the bright citrus flavor that just get my mouth watering!

My first impression is that this tea smells awesome; dark and sweet and tangy. And upon the first sip, the taste lives up to the smell. I brewed this up in my zarafina tea maker at work, and added half a packet of sweetener and the first cup disappeared within minutes. So did the second cup. And the third. Additionally, it withstood a second brewing quite well. Which is a little unusual for a highly flavored black tea. This helps in making this tea a good value for your money – always a bonus!

I’d recommend this tea to anyone who likes black teas and citrus flavors. It tastes great and is a good value.

You can purchase the Blood Orange Black directly from the Drink The Leaf website.

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