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Tea Company: Mark T. Wendall Tea Company (website)
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Mark T. Wendall Tea Company Downy Pearl Jasmine

I love the smell of jasmine, and a good jasmine tea can be an absolutely wonderful thing. The aromatic quality of a good jasmine takes the normal scent profile of tea and ramps it up to an amazing place. Additionally, I really like pearl-style teas. Watching them slowly unfold as they brew is always a relaxing activity (which is why I tend to keep them at work, I need all the relaxation assistance I can get).

So being both jasmine and a pearl tea, I was really looking forward getting to try this sample. And it does not disappoint. It is definitely on the delicate end of the spectrum (the brew is almost colorless), but the aromatic qualities of the jasmine come through without tasting like you’re drinking perfume – a definite possibility for some of the not-as-good jasmine teas. The green buds forming the base of this tea are very subdued, but do provide the backdrop for the rest of the tea. Overall, it’s a great light flowery tea. Yum.

You can purchase the Downy Pearl Jasmine directly from the Mark T. Wendall Tea Company website.

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