Category: Oolong
Tea Company: Golden Moon Tea (website)
Ingredients: Finest quality green oolong leaves, sugar-caramel flavor
Vendor Suggested Preparation: 2-3 minutes, water just below full boil

Golden Moon Tea Sugar Caramel Oolong

The name of this tea is somewhat misleading—it represents the accurately, but doesn’t convey its character well at all. With sugar and caramel as the leading adjectives, I expected a heavy, sweet tea with the flavor of Sugar Daddies that would be fine alongside a doughnut or work well as a dessert tea.

If that’s what you’re looking for, best move on.

With that said, this is a sweet and sophisticated tea. The dry leaves are rolled into nuggets and smell like heavenly butterscotch drops. The liquid itself is gorgeous, clear, and gold. The flavor is delicate and champagne-y (typical of really good oolongs). The sugar and caramel—they’re there, just in a “Where’s Waldo” sort of way—hit you as you swallow, not as you sip.

Even the spent leaves are huge and lovely. I made mine in a little tea-for-one pot so I could reserve the leaves for a second round. Steeped an extra minute, the second cup was as good as the first.

Golden Moon’s Sugar Caramel Oolong is not a casual tea for when you need a quick shot of caffeine and sugar. Reserve this one for an afternoon when you have time to drink from your best porcelain cup and ponder the complexities of a really fine oolong.

You can purchase the Sugar Caramel Oolong directly from the Golden Moon Tea website.

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