Category: Herbal
Tea Company: Sanctuary T (website)
Ingredients: Honeybush, chocolate bits, rose petals
Vendor Suggested Preparation: Steep for 5-6 min

Sanctuary T Chocolate Honeybush

As my husband handed me the box from Mike, I could smell this tea! And I have to admit my comment was “something really smells in there!” The fear in the back of my mind was Rooibos. Had I requested another Rooibos? The fear was subsided when I opened the box to reveal this silver tin of Honeybush tea. I have only had honeybush tea once before and on that particular occasion the honeybush strongly resembled a woody rooibos.

Honeybush is a mild, caffeine free herbal tea. I was hopeful that I would like this tea. As I put my teaspoon into the tea leaves, I noticed something…what is that? Chocolate? Yes, tiny chocolate pieces of goodness throughout this blend. Since I could not locate any brewing directions I just went with standard recommendations 4-5 minutes steep time with 1.5 tsp per cup.

Chocolate. Did I mention the chocolate??? This is very good chocolate tea! Smooth and rich. One cup will do ya kind of tea. And the best part is that it is caffeine free, so this may well become my nighttime tea. Halleluiah. It is really hard to find a good nighttime tea. I would never have pegged a honeybush to fill that need in my tea cupboard, but this jewel of a tea did just that for me. Go ahead and pick up a tin of this tea, it just may be your tea too!

You can purchase the Chocolate Honeybush directly from the Sanctuary T website.

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