Category: Green
Tea Company: Celestial Seasonings (website)
Ingredients: Green tea and white tea
Vendor Suggested Preparation: 2 minutes in “freshly heated water.”

Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea

In general, green teas take some coddling: keeping the water temp under boiling, not over-measuring the dry leaves, keeping a watchful eye so that you don’t oversteep.

Even for the hard core tea-ophile, some days you just don’t want to have to coddle your tea. Fatigue and/or time constraints just call for a dump-and-dunk cuppa. Thanks to Celestial Seasonings, green tea fans can have just that without much of a concession on quality.

I interpreted “freshly heated water” to be in the 180-degree range and did the prescribed two minute brew. No particular flavor jumps out to get you, but there’s a mild lemony-citrus tang to each swallow. As you can see above, the ingredient listing on the package doesn’t reveal much; a note on the lid says that that white tea has been added for smoothness. Said white tea does cut the five-required-daily-servings-of-veggies taste that you get in most bagged greens.

When convenience needs to overrule preciseness, this tea is a good call.

You can purchase the Authentic Green Tea directly from the Celestial Seasonings website.

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